Old Software Security Features Used Today-Windows UAC

 I recently came across the notice that my user account settings needed to be adjusted back to 'default' settings.. this meant 1 down from the top of the ladder whereas I normally run it on the 3rd rung from the top or the first rung from the bottom. This is to prevent the constant (and annoying) pop up, since most everyone would just click YES or whatever the default was because some are even too lazy to notice and just click on the enter/return key. So by changing this to the first rung I have still implemented that Windows built in security still take part. This is a key as simply turning this to off will invalidate other "areas" within the operating system that you may want to be monitoring. 

In this instance, the software was quite old. Or at least it was built on old framework.. as in Windows 95 era. The reason off-hand that I would think this was the case due to the fact that it did not have a security key from microsoft but if invoked it would provide the information required and that is why the need for windows to request "what is trying to install?"  A simple, but very rudimentary way of dealing with things.. thing of the small nat or fruit flies that may bother you that you just swat away.  That is what you are doing with this third rung on the ladder within the windows user account control.

Should this not be a learning opportunity for future programmers? I know they became quite lazy with regards to trimming the code when hard drive size was no longer an issue. Seriously, take a look at the file size of the download to install any new printer driver from the manufacturer.. over 500MB in size? Seriously?  Remember the floppy disk only had 1.4 MB and would always have additional software including the manual within quite often.  So why can't we use this sort of security measure, similar to what they are doing with the captcha, other than moving it to a random location on the page, this is actual hand waving in front of your face to swat the flies!


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