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Have You Ever Noticed….

There are many things in this world that amaze me and make me wonder, pretty much on a daily basis. As I get older I find myself reflecting on a time when my father would have told me something and I would have thought at that time, "I'm never going to think about things like that".. and yet here I am many years later doing just that.  There is a lot to be said about age and wisdom. Many times the wisdom comes with just having previously done something stupid and realize, "that was dumb, I will never do that again", and you usually don't.  If you are thinking clearly at the time you are about to do the same stupid thing, you typically stop and realize that you have been down this road before and remember the last time the results were anything but pleasant so you likely will stop and do the task another way. But there are some things I have always wondered about. Talking to a scientist they call it "random number theory" and so I can only answer b