Have You Ever Noticed….

There are many things in this world that amaze me and make me wonder, pretty much on a daily basis. As I get older I find myself reflecting on a time when my father would have told me something and I would have thought at that time, "I'm never going to think about things like that".. and yet here I am many years later doing just that.  There is a lot to be said about age and wisdom. Many times the wisdom comes with just having previously done something stupid and realize, "that was dumb, I will never do that again", and you usually don't.  If you are thinking clearly at the time you are about to do the same stupid thing, you typically stop and realize that you have been down this road before and remember the last time the results were anything but pleasant so you likely will stop and do the task another way.
But there are some things I have always wondered about. Talking to a scientist they call it "random number theory" and so I can only answer by saying to myself sometimes "why ask why?"
An example would be driving through my own community out to the highway, there are a number of ways I can go, twist and turn through one road or make a number of turns going another route. What I have learned is, no matter what time of day, when I am thinking about it, as I approach the corner in the road, another car is approaching in the other direction.  Yet I could have driven along the straight stretch 30 times and never passed a car. So why is it that I always seem to approach another vehicle right on the corner? 
Then there are times when I realize my phone has not rang for "days" at a time and yet the moment I make a call, I start getting numerous phone calls. Why is that?  It's like always walking past a large hornet's nest and never giving it another thought yet you throw a rock at it one time and you are now always worried about the bees that buzz around you the next time you walk past it.. do they remember who you are or is it that you know you did something really stupid and are now completely aware of the repercussions from your previous actions?  That still doesn't tell me why my phone can be silent for some time and the moment I start using it I get calls.. Or why I can drive down a straight part of the road and never see another car, yet the moment I am on the corner another car approaches.
I remember one time back in my teens, a friend told me how he got a ticket from a cop for going through a red light and he was pissed about it. I asked why would you be pissed? What if you were a car going through the green light when someone rammed into you because they ran the red? Would you not wish there was a cop there to give that person a ticket?  The thing is he said it was 4 am and he had stopped but when there was absolutely nobody around he went through instead of waiting for the light to turn red. Just as he went through the light the car approached from the other direction and it was a cop who saw him do that and gave the ticket. The cop didn't see that he had stopped, nor should it matter since the cop saw the car travelling through a red light.  Now granted this light may have been broken as many have the pads under the concrete that change the signal when the weight of the vehicle stops on it. Sometimes that can fail but most of the time, the vehicle doesn't stop in the correct place, drives over it and stops ahead of the stop line or too far off in to another lane that possibly is right turn only.. many issues can account for this but the simple fact is, it happened at 4am and nobody was around and my friend was chocked by the fact that the one car that just so happens to drive in the opposite direction was a cop car.. now THAT I would call a random number theory incident!



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