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What is it with Pickup Drivers and Turn Signals? Cell phones and driving?

Ok I will admit, initially I was just blaming the good folks of Texas for their inept ability to use their turn signals. Then I realized this was a real problem with Pickup Driver/Owners. A recent trip to Louisiana however, made me realize it wasn't just a Texas thing. Those with Louisiana plates who drove Pickups were also not signalling.  I place the average as 9 out of 10 would NOT signal.  So what's the deal?  I've driven a Pickup. I don't own one, but I have certainly driven them and I'm pretty sure my driving habits do not change as I signal all the time. Now I realize the cell phone usage down South appears to be at an all time epidemic with texting or just plain usage while driving so that could explain the inability to hit the turn signal as you have to have one hand on the wheel supposedly. But why is this predominant with Pickup drivers? I'll leave the phone usage while driving for another rant/post as that is just stupid!  ...or maybe I won'

Happy Shortest Day of the Year!

Today being December 21 means in the Northern Hemisphere we are experiencing the shortest day of the year.. Which means the least amount of daylight. For those in the Southern Hemisphere it is the opposite of course. But for now, I'm living in the North so I can experience this once a year deal where most people seem rather depressed by the shortness of daylight. On a positive note, we are now going the other direction so from this day forward, at least until the Summer Solstice, we can experience more daylight each and every day. So if you happen to be up to a foot of snow already where you live, just know that soon you won't have to turn on the light to see where you are going shortly after 5pm! photo credit

Popular Photos on Google

I received this email from Google the other day 2,500,000 Hi Mike, Wow, your photos are popular People have seen your photos over  2,500,000  times, a new record for you on Google Maps. Thanks for sharing. Rico's Grill 8/29/18  1,124 Rico's Grill 8/29/18  1,079 Rico's Grill  35 The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion  21 Rico's Grill  20 SEE YOUR PHOTOS Nice to know I might not be popular but my photos are.. just the way I like it!