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Another Year, Another Idea

 It has been well over 1 year since my last post to this blog. Was it a forgotten place? Yes of course, just like most items you find in your brain if you stop and think about it.  I recently visited a family that was dealing with Alzheimer's within the family. I can relate, similarly my father had dementia.  As a kid I just thought all this stuff was "old age" . One thing I noticed that helped me differentiate between the two, even though I may be completely incorrect or even  a little bit unsure, is that with dementia you just stop remembering and with alzheimer's you would vividly remember your childhood but forget what you just did.  Regardless of which the person has, it becomes very hard for family to be able to care for. In most cultures you may keep this within the family as more than one generation may reside together. Therefore it may become a natural transition. But I digress... I hope to provide a more active role, providing what I hope to be able to provi