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3 Million Views Of My Photos!

I know I'm blowing my own horn here, but I just received this notice from Google that my photos have reached 3 million views.. 3,000,000 Hi Mike, You're a top photographer on Google Maps You've just accomplished what very few people have done: reached  3,000,000  photo views. Congratulations on the amazing accomplishment Rico's Grill 8/29/18  1,390 Rico's Grill 8/29/18  1,344 Rico's Grill  41 Jones Hall for the Performing Arts  36 Rico's Grill  26 New this week + 76.3K 3,042,739 total New views of your photos More records this week  REACHED 80,000 VIEWS Sam's Club 5/5/18  88,942  REACHED 50,000 VIEWS Sam's Club 5/10/18  55,105  REACHED 40,000 VIEWS T.J. Maxx 3/25/18  41,210